Programs for schools

We prepared educational programs about the Earth and Universe, suitable for studies of natural sciences, geography or physics. Every performance takes approximately 2 hours. Detailed information is available on the Czech page.

  1. At the observatory for the first time

  2. Across the Solar System

  3. Optics and light phenomena

  4. Energy transformations in nature

  5. The Universe

  6. Our planet Earth

  7. The laws of gravitation

  8. Our cosmic surroundings

  9. Astrophysics

  10. An excursion to the observatory

  11. Planetary trail

We use various audiovisual and demontration equipment, like planetarium, orrery, Foucault pendulum (see the whole list of experiments), movies, information panes, large-scale projection of recent news from Internet, projection of the Sun, telescopes and observation of the sky, in case of clear weather. Pupils can also buy small astronomical tools and publications.

Usually, programs begin on working days at 8:15, 10:00, 13:00, 14:45. It is necessary to book a visit in advance by phone.

The entrance fee is 30,- CZK for pupils. Accompanying teachers are free of charge, at most two with one group.

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