Planetary trail in Hradec Kralove

The Planetary trail is a model of our Solar System in the scale 1 to 1 billion. Both the dimensions of bodies (models of the Sun and planets) and distances you have to walk between them correspond to this scale. You can find a small sphere depicting the planet and an information table with basic data and interests about the planet at every stop. The total length of the educational trail is 6,5 km. An attached map, a table or GPS data can help you with orientation. The trail was built by members of Astronomical society in Hradec Králové and employees of Observatory and planetarium in Hradec Králové in 2005.

The stops of the Planetary trail in the landscape:

Snapshots in high resolution

If you walk along the trail, you became acquainted not only with distances, sizes and properties of Solar System bodies, but you can also find the beauties of New Hradec Králové, Zámeček, Roudnička and Kluky landscape. You will walk on a road at first, than a pathway, across fields and forests, around Datlík, Cikán and Biřička ponds, to the end station of public transport at New Hradec Králové and optionally to the forest cemetery.

A map of the Planetary trail:

A planetary trail map

A map in the PDF format or PNG (600 DPI) suitable for print.

A table with the list of stops (and their geographical positions in the WGS-84 coordinate system):

1The Sun beginningin front of the observatory N50 10 39.2 E15 50 20.5
2Mercury 58 m at the edge of Zámeček and K hvězdárně streets N50 10 41.0 E15 50 20.4
3Venus 108 m nearby the Bistro by Observatory N50 10 41.9 E15 50 18.9
4The Earth150 m in the Zámeček street N50 10 41.3 E15 50 16.9
5The Moon close to the Earth N50 10 41.3 E15 50 16.9
6Mars 228 m in the same street, opposite to a car repair service N50 10 41.7 E15 50 12.7
7Ceres 414 m a viewpoint nearby the church of St. Jan N50 10 41.4 E15 49 58.1
8Jupiter 780 m below the hill, at the Hlavní and Viničná streets crossroads N50 10 30.8 E15 49 50.1
9Halley 1,1 kmin the field before the Datlík pond N50 10 26.7 E15 50 01.8
10Saturn 1,4 kmthe Datlík pond dam N50 10 23.9 E15 50 06.7
11Uranus 2,9 kmin the forest, in the midst of the pathway between Cikán and Biřička pondsN50 10 05.9 E15 51 10.0
12Neptune 4,5 kmthe end station of public transport at New Hradec Králové N50 10 36.0 E15 51 19.7
13Pluto 6,5 kmby forest cemetery (public transport), along yellow markings N50 11 18.9 E15 52 49.7

Data for GPS recievers:

The route in the GDB format [7 kB] suitable for the MapSource program, which we use to transfer data to Garmin GPS recievers; we can display the route in the freely available programs GPSMapEdit and OziExplorer. The route can be also downloaded in other formats: RTE [3 kB], GDB [3 kB] (here the 13 points only, the route does not follow roads and pathways), RTE [1 kB].

Texts on the information tables (in Czech):

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